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Cleaning Services and Maintenance

At Key View we provide landlords with our cleaning and maintenance experts, that meticulously take care of your property's cleanliness and seamless operation. No need to stress about emergency repairs or deep cleaning for yourself, let our team do the job and make your properties' shine.

We Cover:


We understand the importance of consistent upkeep of your property to keep it in top shape for every guest. This is why we offer general and deep cleaning services, for interior and exterior spaces routinely. Whether it is dusting, vacuuming, bathroom and kitchen hygiene or balcony / patio cleaning, you are all set!

Our team can also provide extra personalized cleaning to guests upon request and according to the property's requirements.


When issues are raised, our dedicated maintenance team will be there to handle it all, from minor repairs to larger fixes, accordingly. Our aim is to regularly check and identify issues before they escalate, so our team will ensure that everything works in optimal condition, from plumbing and electrical systems to paint-jobs and AC units.

Emergencies can always occur, therefore our team is at hand for urgent repairs and review your property to keep it safe and functional.

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Our mission is to give you the best property ownership experience in Dubai.

Get in touch with us today to discover how we can make your property shine!

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