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Interior Design

In case your Airbnb property lacks furnishings, our in-house team of interior designers can assist you. We offer specialized Airbnb interior design services for all types of holiday homes, ensuring that your property is impeccably presented for short-term rental. Our expertise lies in combining aesthetic appeal with practical functionality, making the space both visually appealing and easy to use. Over the years, we have developed a deep understanding of what works best, and offer a range of holiday home interior packages to fit any budget.

We Cover:

Full Project

This package offers a comprehensive solution where we handle everything from start to finish. This includes furnishing and styling your property with a wide range of items such as beds, couches, chairs, cups, plates, cutlery, vases, art, lights, carpets, bathroom items, and guest essentials like vacuum cleaners, hair dryers, pillows, and duvets. After we are done, your property will be fully prepared for guests to arrive. The turnaround time for this service varies from two to four weeks, depending on the size of the property.

Styling Project

Our Cleaning Team, who are fully trained and licensed, offers General Cleanings and Deep Cleanings for properties. Additionally, they can provide guests with extra cleaning services upon request.

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Property Inspection

When furnishing any property, we commence with an initial inspection to assess the space and determine what is necessary and feasible. Furthermore, we present analogous properties and design concepts from our most recent endeavors.

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Design proposal

When it comes to Full Projects, the client has the final say on the Interior Design Package they want. However, for Styling Projects, our team provides a quote for all the necessary items, which the client approves before proceeding.

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To guarantee swift implementation and revenue generation, our interior design team initiates each project with well-defined timelines for timely completion.

Our Portfolio:

Key View Interior Design
Key View Interior Design
Key View Interior Design
Key View Interior Design
Key View Interior Design
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