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Listing Management

Your property listing is created, added to, and updated by the Key View listings team on the different platforms where we promote. To make your home stand out from the competition, this entails taking and editing high-quality images and writing property-specific descriptions. After everything is online, the team keeps an eye on all platforms and releases updates as needed.

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How It Works

What is Included:

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Beautiful images of the property, including all views and building amenities, are taken by our in-house photographers. The most crucial aspects of the property are highlighted in the images, which have been adjusted for the optimum flow.

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Property Descriptions

The listing team creates engaging and distinctive Airbnb home descriptions, including any local allusions. The property is then listed on several advertising channels, with each channel's specific requirements being modified.


Updating Listings

To guarantee that all of the information is accurate, the listings team frequently audits properties and the channels. In the event of pool closures, building renovations, or property upgrades, for instance, they may also need to update listings. By doing this, visitors are assured of any fresh information. Responses to customer feedback are also the team's responsibility.



Our Short Term Property Management Services

From 15% to 20% - dependant on the number of units owned

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