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Short Term Property Management: How coronavirus has affected short-term rentals in Dubai

All industries and businesses have felt the impact of Covid-19, but the travel and tourism sector took one of the biggest blows. Short-term rentals have been highly affected due to coronavirus. The pandemic has resulted in widespread travel restrictions making it severely hard for the industry.

Coronavirus spread around the world, map results for Europe

In July Dubai became one of the first travel destinations to describe itself as open for business. This boosted tourism and allowed short-term rentals to reopen.

As tourism restarted, daily reported coronavirus case numbers slowly grew but mostly remained stable through the fall.

Under the current coronavirus lockdowns, holiday travel is not allowed in the UK. Journeys are only allowed for limited reasons, such as exercise, essential shopping and work that cannot be done from home. During coronavirus Dubai has been an extremely popular destination after a number of UK reality TV and social media stars posted photographs of themselves on holiday. However, The United Arab Emirates is being removed from the UK list of travel corridors.

Although the UAE did a very good job of containing the virus throughout 2020, there has been a sharp rise in cases in 2021. As of February 4, the country has recorded 878 deaths related to Covid-19.

Direct flights from the UAE to Britain were also cancelled until further notice, although Dubai-based carrier Emirates said it would resume some one-way services between Britain and Dubai.

The UAE has been put into the Level 4 risk level category and travellers are to avoid all travel to the United Arab Emirates.

Diagram of daily new coronavirus cases in UAE in 2021

Health minister Abdul Rahman Al-Owais praised the efforts of the authorities and front line workers. The country aims to immunize half of the UAE’s population of 10 million by April.

The ministry said it had vaccinated over 3.185 million people, at a rate of 32.21 doses per 100 people, making it the second fastest country in the world after Israel for vaccine rollout.

The rapid rollout of the coronavirus vaccine combined with international travel restrictions mean many people have started thinking about booking future holidays. But there are still many unknowns.

The good news is things are rapidly progressing towards normality in terms of travel, with an increase in the demand for short term property management services in Dubai.

Panoramic view of the dubai marina on a beautiful sunny day


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