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Blue Waters



Bluewaters is a vibrant lifestyle destination featuring distinctive residential, retail, hospitality, and entertainment options. All who arrive are spoilt for choice. Home to Ain Dubai, the world’s largest observation wheel, it is also a shopper’s paradise, housing unique retail and dining concepts. Bluewaters’ bridge and multi-mode transport systems make this urban island easy to access.

Whether you're staying in our world-class hotel, visiting friends living on Bluewaters, or simply exploring the island, you're in for a treat. From retail offerings to restaurants to entertainment, they have something for everyone.



Located across the water from Dubai Marina, Bluewaters Island is split into different areas across residential, retail, leisure and entertainment, hotels and beach clubs.


Can I drive from Dubai to Bluewaters Island?

Yes, the driving distance between Dubai to Bluewaters Island is 17 miles. It takes approximately 21 min to drive from Dubai to Bluewaters Island.

How do I travel from Dubai to Bluewaters Island without a car?

The best way to get from Dubai to Bluewaters Island without a car is to line 84 bus which takes 1h 46m and costs £9 - £12.


How far is it from Dubai to Bluewaters Island?

The distance between Dubai and Bluewaters Island is 12 miles. The road distance is 17.4 miles.

Which way is quickest from Dubai to Bluewaters Island?

The quickest way to get from Dubai to Bluewaters Island is to taxi which costs £10 - £12 and takes 21 min.

Things to Do:​


Located across the water from Dubai Marina, Bluewaters Island is split into different areas across residential, retail, leisure and entertainment, hotels and beach clubs. The record-breaking Ain Dubai or ‘Dubai Eye’ is the centrepiece of the lifestyle destination, which is home to more than 200 retail and dining concepts.

From Jumeirah Beach Residence you can take a stroll across the pedestrian link bridge. The lovely walk is less than 300 metres and a convenient way to travel between The Beach and Bluewaters. You’ll even find a monorail system to travel to and from the Bluewaters leisure hub to Dubai’s Metro stations.

Caesars Palace Bluewaters Dubai is part of a luxury hotel venture located on Dubai's newest island oasis, Bluewaters. Connected to the iconic Jumeirah Beach and overlooking the world’s largest observation wheel, this is five star luxury in a five star location. Guests staying at Caesars Palace Bluewaters Dubai can enjoy dining at a choice of 12 restaurants and choose from incredible accommodation options, from contemporary resort room living to oh-so-spacious Residences with all the comforts of home and all the services of a hotel.

A seafront spectacular, Cove Beach in Bluewaters is the perfect place to laze away the day. Housing a restaurant, lounge and three pools, all set to the backdrop of the Arabian Gulf’s turquoise waters, there's a distinctive Mediterranean vibe here that you’ll want to soak in.

Apartment Rental Management Company BlueWaters

With the emergence and increasing popularity of such platforms as Airbnb,, HomeAway and others, the short term property management market is growing rapidly globally as well as in the Baltic region and has become a viable alternative to traditional long-term rent for many property owners. In this article we’ll describe exactly how short-term rent differs from long-term leases, what are its main benefits and how can a short term property management company help the property owners.

First, if the property is well suited for short term property management (good location, condition, design) it is likely to provide a better financial return to the property owner than renting it out long-term. This obviously depends on how well the property is managed – what is the average rent per night and the occupancy in a given month as well as the additional expenses that come with short-term rent (housekeeping, amenities etc.)

Second, Apartment Rental Management Company provides increased flexibility to the property owner. By this we mean that the owner can block out a few days or weeks for his/her own use, for example, when family or friends are coming over for a visit to Vilnius. It also gives the property owner/manager an opportunity to see how the apartment looks on a more frequent basis and being more present allows to recognize and resolve any maintenance issues before they become real problems.

Finally, in our experience, Apartment Rental Management Company provides lower depreciation on the property and the furniture in it. In most cases, the guests are out of the apartment exploring the city and come back in the evening to watch some TV and go to bed, which decreases the over-use of some areas/furniture.

Apartment Rental Management Company

What is an Apartment Rental Management Company?

An Apartment Rental Management Company is a company that manages seasonal lets on behalf of an owner, including services such as: meet and greet, cleaning, check-out, ad creation and communication with guests, etc.

In fact, although we're talking about Apartment Rental Management Company we could equally talk about short-stay management services, holiday lettings management services, short-stay management services or even 2.0 management services to refer to our trade. Indeed, for the most part, we don't only rent through Airbnb but also on a range of platforms that have emerged over the past few years. And while our trade was less reliant on the internet in the past, it still existed well before Airbnb.

The marketing choice to call ourselves an Apartment Rental Management Company was made by the apartment rental management companies themselves in order to piggyback the success of Airbnb. This is because it's the platform that resonates the most with the general public.

Why use an Apartment Rental Management Company?

Our potential customers generally contact us for an Apartment Rental Management Company because they want to rent out their property during the holiday season without having to manage their short-term lets.

Communicating with guests, cleaning between each let, meeting and greeting guests who often arrive late... letting during the holiday season is certainly more profitable (two to three times the amount for a standard let) but is also more time-consuming! The added value of an Apartment Rental Management Company is that it organises the entire rental management process.

Before the general public were really aware of the Apartment Rental Management Company offer, many owners managed everything themselves or had (more or less successfully) perfected their own management of their property with the help of their concierge, cleaner, neighbours or even friends. Even today, most customers who use the Key View service do so because they want to let during the holiday season but they don't feel like managing or organising the management of their asset.

The other aspect of our work, which is frequently overlooked, because it is all too often neglected by Apartment Rental Management Company themselves, is to create rental value. With Key View, we are always looking at how we can let at a higher rate for our customers and offer them a better service, rather than simply focusing on how we are going to manage the logistics relating to holiday lets. Of course, the key element of our job is logistics, but it shouldn't stop there! It is also about creating added value.

An essential part of our job as a Apartment Rental Management Company is to maximise the rental incomes for our customers, through know-how or technical skills that they are not able to implement themselves, in order to achieve more frequent lettings at higher prices.


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