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About Us


The key to unlocking your property's full potential!

Bright spacious modern living room with big windows and view of the sea close by
Vintage inspired spacious luxurious bedroom with wooden floor and decor and big bright windows and garden
Bright cosy apartment livign room with views of Dubai skyscrapers
Balcony with modern furniture overlooking the Dubai Marina and skyscrapers
Big bright living room with earthy tones and big windows with Dubai city view

Our Mission

As a leading property and vacation rental management company in Dubai, our goal is to ensure maximum return on your investment while providing hassle-free guest management and property maintenance.


We make it our business to maintain a high occupancy rate, attracting potential guests to your property and ensuring a smooth and enjoyable stay for all guests.

Your Benefits with Key View

Take control of your property's full potential by overseeing guest stays and leaving the rest to our professional property management team, while you cool-off and enjoy your profits.

We ensure guests pay the rent on time

You will experience less legal problems

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The maintenance costs are relatively lower

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Less stress, more time on your hands

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